About Us

Connexxion Energy

Connexxion Energy is Africa’s Leading Energy and Engineering Corporation.
We have been in operations since 2012 with the sole aim of providing excellent service with an absolute commitment to stakeholders value through integrated business solutions.
Our activities are focused in Africa, with concentration on oil and gas resources where we can raise production by utilising appropriate technology and sophisticated reservoir administration practices. Connexxion Energy ensures it adheres to the international health and safety standards in all her operations.


To develop energy resources safely, profitably and responsibly to maximize value.


To achieve excellence in our industry as the leader, globally respected, financially sound and positioned to generate future value for our stakeholders.



We strategically invest in our assets in Africa, and we empower our employees to ensure their capacity is consistently developed, thereby improving their opportunity to excel professionally and be of added value to the company and Africa.


We sponsor innovation that increases developments and results. Guaranteeing high standards for everyone who works at Connexxion Energy, we recognise and reward top functioning, implementation and creativity.


We request integrity and personal responsibility at every level of the company with a firm responsibility to safety and environmental laws adherence.

Our Clients

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